Friday, September 17, 2010

Day64-66 (Finding it Difficult)

I don't know if it's the cold that refuses to leave my body, the stress from college, or simply that I'm losing interest but I am finding it very difficult to stay on track with this blog, working out and in some cases eating right.

It is like a trickling effect; I work out less, think about my habits less and thus lose interest in writing about it. I am not eating particularly bad, in fact I think that is one area that is pretty much on track. I just wish I could work out more consistently like I was this summer.

I think I will be setting a few new goals. After being in school for 2 weeks I am starting to realize that I can do it all (run my business, school, family) but I can't do it all well. So I have to find a new balance. What I have done is started limiting the number of parties I will accept on a weekend to increase the time I have for studying. I try to work on information gathering, organizing etc weekdays and I want to actually write big assignments on the weekends.

With my new schedule I want to move the days I will try to work out to be Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I just don't know when I will be back on track with it because every other day I wake up feeling really congested and find it hard to get my cardio in. If this cold isn't gone by Monday I will get in to a doctor and see what's up.

Please stay with me as I am not giving up, I am just struggling to find a workable balance.

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