Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 39 of 730 (Breakfast)

First water now breakfast. Lately I just feel like I don't want any part of some things. I'd almost rather drink nothing than water and rather wait until lunch than eat breakfast. I am forcing myself through teh motions though because I know it's what I need to do to reach my goals. Similar to the reason why I am going to school. Sometimes we just have to put up with the rain to see the rainbow.

So I am sitting here eating some Kashi cereal while I type this. We picked up a few new flavours and the one I'm eating today tastes much better then the flax seed flavoured one. I try to mix up my breakfast; eggs, toast, cereal. In the winter I'll add oatmeal I'm sure. I just find it hard lately to feel like eating in the morning.

I am also looking for your on the go breakfast ideas. Once school starts there may be mornings where I just do not have time. What is your grab and go breakfast?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 38 of 730 (Water)

My water intake has not been great lately. I need to focus on how much water I am drinking again, especially when I am out. This week I have been out a lot compared to my usual routine and on those days I have drank little to no water. I am not feeling as good as I was when I was drinking more water everyday.

I find it difficult to bring water with me everywhere because I really prefer drinking it in a glass with ice. It's hard for me to drink water from a bottle and more so when it's extremely warm. I am hoping I can train myself to just get used to it though.

My goal of the day is to drink more water no matter what.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 37 of 730 (Kick Me)

Ok I am at the fork in the road I have faced many times. I can continue strong and never look back or I can go hang out at the all you can eat buffet and sell my treadmill on kijiji. My mind is just not staying focused. I know I still want to succeed but I am starting to feel overwhelmed and school hasn't even started yet.

Yesterday I found myself back at the mall finishing up my back to school shopping and then trying to catch up with work. I still have so much to catch up on in my home and with my business before school starts. We have very busy weeks ahead and I am not liking the way my workouts are not remaining consistent like they were. I feel like I am slipping.

I want having no time to be a valid excuse but I know that it isn't a lack of time but more a lack of planning. I want to just say well this week is already all messed up so I may as well just wait until next week. That is the old unsuccessful me talking. The part of me (probably the fat cells) that do not want me to carry on down this healthy road. So instead of choosing to wait until next week to make a change I will make a change today and make sure I am back on the treadmill before lunch and then again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. I've checked my schedule and time does allow for me to get my workouts in all those days.

This time as I face the fork in the road I will not take the nice paved path, instead I will take the rocky road because I know that at the end of this road is a new me and I can't wait to meet her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 36 of 730 (Weight Watchers)

I have been a Weight Watchers member twice and a Jenny Craig member once and only once did I lose a significant amount of weight. The first time I tried Weight Watchers was just after my first son was born. I had gained about 60lbs carrying him and had only lost about 20 of those pounds in the first few months and decided to try Weight Watchers. They were having a New Year special so I signed up for 6 months. I lost about 25lbs but couldn't afford to keep going so I stopped going. I was able to lose about 10 more lbs on my own.

I tried Jenny Craig when my second son was a year old on a friend's advice. I didn't like it at all. I didn't like eating so much frozen food and never sure if it was ok to eat real food. It was very expensive and there was little to no result and I quit that very quickly.

When my now husband and I had picked out a wedding date I thought I would try weight watchers again in an effort to lose some more weight. But this time I struggled. I didn't put my heart into it like I had the first time. Also the meetings were just not the same.

My first leader was great. Her meetings were straight to the point and she offered us recipes and personalized ideas to help us along. She spent a huge portion of her meeting talking to us, answering questions and letting us share ideas with others. My second leader spent most of her meeting selling weight watchers. We would spend the entire meeting every week listening to her compare Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig, Atkins, the cabbage soup diet and countless other 'bad ways to lose weight' diets and programs. It was always the last 10 minutes that we rushed through the material she planned aand we never got a chance to share ideas or address our struggles. I didn't lose even 10lbs this time and didn't bother going back.

I think for me the secret to weight loss success will be learning to simply make healthy choices and exercise. Writing this blog and reading other blogs to me is more beneficial than any weight watchers meeting. Writing allows me to clear my head, celebrate success and plan goals for myself. Reading your comments are like a warm hug or a kick in the butt (depending what I need that day). So from now on I will save my money and use common sense to get myself through this life long journey.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 34 and 35 (Missed a Day)

I missed yesterday's blog because I was up at 5:30am and not home until late at night. By then I was all shopped out and tired. I went shopping for back to school stuff in Buffalo. It was a fun and adventurous day. However I missed my workout and ate a little heavy at the restaurant for dinner. I did pack a lunch though and snacking was next to nothing all day.

I woke up today though feeling bad about my cheese steak sandwich. It was jam packed with steak, onions, peppers and mushrooms. It was on white bread. I did have a side of salad though and only drank water. However I did feel pretty guilty when I woke up. As I type this though and actually look at it, I guess it wasn't so bad.

My schedule today is a little out of whack because I slept in and I have my son home. Camp is over for him. I ended up missing breakfast because I got busy in work and just ate lunch now. I will let my stomach settle a while and then go work out. Today is a day where I am not really looking forward to my workout but I know I will feel better once it is over.

I didn't like missing my blog writing yesterday and I hope it doesn't happen too often once life does get crazy busy. Writing my blog really helps keep my mind focused.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 33 of 730 (Week In Review)

Today is Sunday, my week in review day. This week I started increasing my time on the treadmill because I'm starting to feel like I am getting through the 25 minute work out a bit too easily. I did my 35minute workout 2/5 times and 25 minutes the other 3 times. The days I increased the time were tough. I look forward to mastering the 5 program modes at 35 minutes. This week I will be doing a few days at 25 minutes again, but next week it will all be 35 minutes.

I stuck with my eating fairly well this week. Last night I went to a BBQ and was very careful not to eat too much. I have 1 chicken leg, a very small serving of rice and lots of salad with no dressing. I did indulge in 3 bottles of Smirnoff ice. I know that those alcoholic drinks are not the greatest for losing weight but I only drink 2-3 times a year so what the heck. A few nights I snacked a little more than I wanted to but it was still fairly good foods.

A goal for next week is to remember to bring water with me everywhere I go.