Friday, September 17, 2010

Day64-66 (Finding it Difficult)

I don't know if it's the cold that refuses to leave my body, the stress from college, or simply that I'm losing interest but I am finding it very difficult to stay on track with this blog, working out and in some cases eating right.

It is like a trickling effect; I work out less, think about my habits less and thus lose interest in writing about it. I am not eating particularly bad, in fact I think that is one area that is pretty much on track. I just wish I could work out more consistently like I was this summer.

I think I will be setting a few new goals. After being in school for 2 weeks I am starting to realize that I can do it all (run my business, school, family) but I can't do it all well. So I have to find a new balance. What I have done is started limiting the number of parties I will accept on a weekend to increase the time I have for studying. I try to work on information gathering, organizing etc weekdays and I want to actually write big assignments on the weekends.

With my new schedule I want to move the days I will try to work out to be Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I just don't know when I will be back on track with it because every other day I wake up feeling really congested and find it hard to get my cardio in. If this cold isn't gone by Monday I will get in to a doctor and see what's up.

Please stay with me as I am not giving up, I am just struggling to find a workable balance.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 59-63 (I'm Back)

Oh there is just no excuse for this slacking. I am so sorry for taking such a break from this blog. Some days I have simply forgotten, and others I just couldn't find the energy. I am still fighting off this nasty cold that my son has since picked up.

I am off the blogging track but still doing pretty well otherwise. Making healthy choices has never been easier. I find myself not snacking much at all anymore in the evenings. I haven't ate anywhere like McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC etc. When eating out we stick to the healthier options like Mr.Sub or Extreme Pita.

My working out is not where I'd like it to be and my goal is to get back to a more firm schedule. In part it's because I am not feeling well but it's also adjusting to my new schedule. I will be working out today but I didn't make the effort to do so yesterday. I am using this week to feel out school and re-evaluate my original ideas about the best time to workout. I will implement any changes for next week. I really just want 4 days a week in somewhat of a balance.

I am liking school a lot more now. I feel more like myself and more secure with the concept of what college is and what it isn't. I've met some great people and one girl in particular who wants to use the school's athletic center with me. I hope to implement that into my routine soon. She even said we could do yoga classes together.

Other than that, I promise to try to check back in daily like I am supposed to. I miss you all :)